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I am delighted that Millington House is bringing three of my favorite Time-Travel Romances out in this special edition titled Time's Embrace. I have enjoyed going through these books and adding introductions about how the stories were born. The walk down Memory Lane has been almost as much fun as the Time-Travel itself, and I hope Readers enjoy these adventures as much as I do.

I'm often asked, "Why Time-Travel?" I have to admit it's almost an addiction. Looking at history from a contemporary viewpoint is both fun and challenging. Good Time-Travel can be some of the most compelling fiction ever written. It's the classic fish out of water story with a twist-and-a-half. The potential for both angst and humor is endless, and adventure and conflict are built right into the story.

Writing Time-Travel is fun and challenging. It's an adventure, plain and simple. I hope you enjoy my travels through time. Please visit me at www.debstover.com, or find me on Facebook and let me know.  I love hearing from readers.

Happy reading! Love,