Paula Gill

Fire With Fire by Paula Gill


July 2001 - Book two of the "Hope Chest" series.
ISBN 0-8217-6904-9
Copyright by Paula Gill -- All Rights Reserved

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"An incredible new author bursts onto the scene with a
stunning debut novel that will make you laugh, cry, and
fall in love. Paula Gill has the gift!"
~ Award-Winning Author, Deb Stover

Hope Chest

The historic Chesterfield Hotel once offered visitors the graceful
charm of its sumptuous rooms and the healing waters of its
nearby hot spring. In the present day, as five people unearth the
hotel's century-old hope chest, each will be transported to a
bygone age--and transformed by the power of true love.


Corrinne Webb is like a duck out of water. A Texas flower stuck in a snowstorm is more like it. Fortunately, the talented Lone Star
chef has found shelter in an abandoned hotel, where she discovers
a sheriff's badge at the bottom of an old hope chest. She has no idea that touching it will send her careening back in time to the elegant Chesterfield Hotel of 1886--or that she'll meet the man of her dreams in Police Chief
Jess Garrett.
Now, the rugged lawman is helping Corrinne finance her
own restaurant and together, they're sharing a taste of the most glorious, smoldering passion. But when a dark figure from Jess's past threatens
to tear them apart, they both must discover that nothing -- not even time --
can separate two hearts united by love.

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