Mulligan Magic  -- By Deb Stover
Another Dawn

Mulligan Stew  -- By Deb Stover
A Moment in Time

Shades of Rose  -- By Deb Stover
Some Like it Hotter





I'm really excited about the relaunch of my Mulligan series. Mulligan Stew and Mulligan Magic are set in the fictional village of Ballybronagh in County Clare, centering around the Mulligan family and a curse that has followed them for centuries. Bridget and Riley start the adventure in Mulligan Stew, followed by Maggie and Nick in Mulligan Magic. I am now writing a book that brings Sam Dearborn from my romantic suspense, The Gift, to Ballybronagh on a mission of his own, where he meets Maggie Mulligan's enchanting friend, Ailish in the third book, Mulligan Secret. Will Sam discover the cause of the empathic gift that torments his family? What new mysteries will Caisleán Dubh have in store for Sam and Ailish as they explore it in the Irish mist?

The new covers for my Mulligans make me smile. The talented Dar Albert of www.wickedsmartdesigns.com created them, and she will design the cover of book three in the same style. I hope you like them as much as I do.

What are you waiting for? Let's go back to Ballybronagh now....

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May all your days include a bit of magic!