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debstoverpictureAt the tender age of four, Deb Stover declared her candidacy to become the first female President of the United States. She took a detour to play Lois Lane, and penned her first Letter to The Editor at age eleven. The Lois Lane gig suited her well, so she stuck with it for a while, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to blow Clark Kent's cover for the Big Story. Then she fell in love with and married her own real American Hero, so Superman was free to continue fighting for justice (seriously, what is Clark doing about the dearth of phone booths these days?).

Considering her extensive personal experience with real heroes (Dad, Superman, Husband), redirecting her passion for writing from journalism to Romance Novels seemed a natural progression. Since publication of Shades of Rose in 1995, she has received dozens of awards for her work, which includes over twenty titles in a variety of languages and formats.

A native of Wichita, Kansas, Deb and her family have lived in five states, but after her Hero Husband's death, she recently made the decision to follow the Yellow Brick Road back to be near her Hero Dad in Kansas. After all "there's no place like home."

Of course, there's still the unfinished matter of her presidential campaign, but first she has many more stories left to pen....









March 11, 2005: Deb has won  this  year's Career Achievement Award  from Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine for Contemporary New Reality! This award came from her tenth nomination. Open the champagne. Okay, so two  wins in ten nominations are better than Susan Lucci odds....   :)

Irresistible Forces made #3 on the Locus trade paperback best-seller list in June 2004!

Irresistible Forces has received a 4 1/2 Gold Top Pick rating in the February 2004 edition of Romantic Times Book Club!

Mulligan Magic has received a 2003  Romantic Times Book Club Reviewers Choice Nomination for Best Contemporary Romance of the year!

Deb has accepted an offer to write her 12th  novel for Dorchester Publishing.   Dearly Departed (working title), now titled The Gift , is a project Deb lovingly calls " The Sixth Sense With Sex," and is book one of a planned contemporary paranormal romantic suspense  trilogy.

Dearly Departed, after receiving all perfect scores in the preliminary round, has won first place in the PASIC Book of Your Heart Contest in the Mainstream Category, as judged by Micki Nuding of Pocket Books.   Deb's historical entry, The Wish , took second place in that category, judged by Erika Tsang of Avon Books. Mulligan Magic has been selected a Reviewers International Organization Recommended Read for April 2003, making it eligible for the 2003 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence!

Mulligan Magic (April 2003) has received a 4 1/2 star, Top Pick rating from Romantic Times Book Club. They have excellent taste.   :-)

Mulligan Stew took third place--right behind the amazing Kay Hooper!!!!--in the 2002 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence in the Paranormal Romance category. Deb's thrilled to be in such incredible company.   Her anthology, Some Enchanted Evening, took second place in that category as well.   Thank you, RIO!

Deb is tickled to have received the Blue Boa Award for the Best Paranormal Romance of 2002 for Mulligan Stew. Photos from the Pajama Party Award Ceremony!

Deb has received a Career Achievement Award nomination from Romantic Times Book Club for Contemporary New Reality Romance! (January 13, 2002) Mulligan Stew received  a 4 1/2 Star, Top Pick rating in the June  2002 edition of Romantic  Times , and a Five  Heart rating from The Romance Reader! Mulligan Stew, June 2002, will be available through Doubleday/Rhapsody Book  Club , in addition to  Jove's  massmarket paperback edition. Deb is in a state of shock to learn that No Place For A Lady has been nominated for Best Historical Romance Novel of the Year by Reviewers of Romantic Times Magazine!

Deb is tickled to  announce the sale of her eleventh novel!   Mulligan Magic (April 2003) is  the sequel to her June  2002 release, Mulligan Stew!

Deb will have a novella titled Skin Deep included in a fantasy  anthology with  the working title Irresistible Forces in February 2004

A Moment in Time (June  2000) has received a nomination for the
Colorado Book Award, from the Colorado Center For The Book -- in affiliation with the Library of Congress.

No Place For A Lady (November) will be available through Doubleday/Rhapsody Book Club, in addition to my publisher's regular mass market release!

Deb's tenth novel will be an Irish contemporary for Jove, scheduled for sometime in 2002. Read chapter one of Mulligan Stew.

Deb has received a Career Achievement Award nomination from Romantic Times for "Historical New Reality!"

The Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence nominees are in from Reviewers International Organization (RIO).   A Moment in Time has been nominated in the Paranormal category, and A Matter of Trust in short contemporary!

11/09/2000 -- Stolen Wishes by Deb Stover has received the Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Innovative Historical of 1999 from ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE.   Deb is  thrilled!

Another Dawn by Deb Stover is a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, presented each year by the Colorado Center for the Book -- the Colorado affiliate of the Library of Congress.  Deb is really shocked and grinning quite a lot....  :)

AFFAIRE DE COEUR announces the winners  of its annual Readers' Favorite Poll.  Best Overall Historical: Stolen Wishes by Deb Stover  Runner-Up Best American Historical: Stolen Wishes Runner-Up Best Time Travel: Another Dawn by Deb Stover  Outstanding Achiever: Nora Roberts, followed by Deb Stover (and others who haven't seen her royalty statements) < g>   Favorite Author: (list of ten alphabetically, and Deb's on it) 

Deb will have a story called Keeper of the Well included in an anthology from Cumberland House in 2001 titled MURDER MOST ROMANTIC. 

Deb Stover has accepted an offer to write another Historical Romance for Zebra Books.  No Place For A Lady is the working title and is scheduled for November 2001. 

Another Dawn has received a Reviewer's Choice Award from Romance Communications for Best Time Travel of 1999! 

Another Dawn has received a Reviewer's Choice Award Nomination from Romantic Times for Best Historical Time Travel of 1999! 

Stolen Wishes has received a Reviewer's Choice Award Nomination from Romantic Times for Best Innovative Historical Romance of 1999! 

Another Dawn is a finalist for Colorado Romance Writers' Award of Excellence in the Paranormal category!

Another Dawn has received the Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence from Reviewer International Organization. 

Stolen Wishes tied for second place in the historical category for the Blue Boa Award.  The really amazing part is that it tied with The Charm School by Susan Wiggs -- one of Deb's favorite authors!  Another Dawn placed third in paranormal. 

Deb has just been chosen 1999's Pikes Peak Romance Writers' Author of the Year! 

Stolen Wishes, Deb Stover's sixth novel and first historical romance -- non  time-travel  one, that is -- has received a " Top Pick" rating from Romantic Times Magazine and five stars from Affaire de Coeur!

Deb has accepted an offer to write another time-travel romance for Kensington. A Moment in Time will be her eighth full length novel and is scheduled for June 2000. 

Deb's first contemporary romance,  A Matter of Trust , is scheduled for  January 2000 -- a Y2K baby.

Deb's first non time-travel historical romance -- and sixth novel! -- is a very different sort of " Robin Hood" tale titled Stolen Wishes, October 1999. 

Deb Stover has been named 1997 Pikes Peak Romance Writer of the Year for Almost an Angel, in a contest judged entirely by readers.  That makes it extra special to her, because readers are the most important! 

The Heart of Romance Readers' Choice Award for Best " Paranormal" (time travel) Romance goes to Deb Stove  for Some Like It Hotter!

October 1998: Deb has been elected to  a  two-year  term  on  the national Board of Directors of Romance Writers of America. 

Another Dawn is scheduled for January 1999, which means it will hit stores  by December 1998!  More Good News!!!

Affaire de Coeur has announced the finalists for their annual Reader Favorite Poll! 
Best Time Travel:  Some Like it Hotter by Deb Stover 
Best Supernatural Romance:  Almost An Angel by Deb Stover 
Favorite Author: Deb Stover 
Romance Novel of the Year!  Some Like It Hotter by Deb Stover

Romantic Times Magazine has announced the nominations for its 1997 Reviewer's Choice and Career Achievement Awards.  Deb Stover's Almost an Angel is a nominee for Best Contemporary Time Travel/Reincarnation Romance, and  Deb herself has received a Career Achievement Nomination for " Innovative Historical Romance." :::boggle::: 

Some Like it Hotter is a finalist for the Award of Excellence from Colorado Romance Writers.

Almost an Angel has been voted Best Time Travel of 1997 by  Romance Readers Anonymous! 

Deb's A Willing Spirit was chosen 1996's  ROMANCE NOVEL OF THE YEAR and BEST TIME TRAVEL OF THE YEAR by readers of Affaire de Coeur .  A Willing Spirit was also a runner-up for Best Hero, Best Heroine  and Best Cover. Deb Stover is included on the list of favorite up and coming authors, and in the list of top ten favorite authors! 

Until further notice, you can find Deb typing via remote control  from a puddle of disbelief beneath her desk....

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