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Deb Stover's Rejection Protocol For Writers

Disclaimer: No disrespect is intended toward editors or agents.  In fact, you could just reverse all this and insert " author" where appropriate when we do things to make your lives difficult--oh, but we never do that, do we? Remember, it's all in fun! Enjoy!


I made this for a friend in    need, and thought I'd share it. .  -)  I hope you don't need it!  Insert either editor or agent--whichever is appropriate for your situation.

make a copy  of your rejection letter for the IRS, take the original and tear into tiny pieces (or burn it), then:


  Now  turn your back toward the publishing house that rejected you, pull down your pants, bend over, and...


Then pour yourself a glass of...


  Some writers think editors have the magic wand that will make them stars.  Well...after    you drink the above, you can dream about doing this to    the  editor who rejected your manuscript  --magic wand and all...


Now.  Don't you feel better...?  :-)

Of course, most of all, I hope you keep writing and never stop sending your manuscripts out into the world, knowing one of those books of your heart will find the right home.   It's like throwing spaghetti against the wall until one of them sticks. :) Good luck!  

Remember, real writers never...